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BTC Ethiopia: Day 9 – Be The Change

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We had our last Ethiopian breakfast gathering (for now of course), got a positive update on Ibrahim, discussed our individual travel plans, extended many thanks and hugs, then Kat and Zerihun headed for the airport while the others would follow a few hours later. Since there was a 9+ hour layover for most and Kat had to stay the night back in Addis Ababa due to her flight out being a day later, we agreed to reconvene in Addis at the Sheraton. By all metrics, the Sheraton Addis is a very nice hotel. Well-guarded, beautifully-built, vast, a bit expensive, and incredibly relaxing; it’s one of the few preferred hotels of frequent international travelers and diplomats in Addis Ababa.

Kat checked in and awaited the team’s arrival; we all met at the restaurant by the pool, marveling at how with just an hour flight, we could be in what seemed like worlds away from where we just were.

It’s tough to reconcile supporting people in extreme poverty with treating yourself to a nice hotel visit. The contrasts are too great, and to do it all in the same day is a little tough. At the table, Kat remarked that it costs the same to stay here one night as it did to get Ibrahim 4 days of care and treatment for a potentially terminal condition.

We certainly can’t spend our life in guilt, but instead we should be inspired to make conscious choices about the products we buy and the companies we do business with. We can support those who invest in or lead connected and conscious economic & societal development all over the world . We should find little and big ways to give when we can, and find great joy in the fact that a few dollars that can barely buy a snack in the US can (and should) occasionally go to those in need where that money can go much farther …. And maybe even save a life and make positive contributions in pursuit of a better tomorrow.

…and if you want to enrich your life, and be an even bigger part of solutions for some of the toughest challenges in the world, do your part, give, travel, serve, work with groups that are making a difference, and find ways for your business and life to connect with society and communities. Be grateful for what you have, no matter how small, and lead as positive and fulfilled of a life as you can.

Want to invest with us in these villages? Donate here:

How you can get involved:

Changers of Commerce – commit to finding small but meaningful ways to live a more connected life and run a business or work in a way that benefits (and is benefited by) total community connection.

Watch the Cartoon Video, take the pledge, continue to learn and share best practices, share the ideas and website with others who might feel the same way as you.

Think Global – Global Hope Network International implements 5-year plans to help the world’s poorest and most at-risk villages lift themselves out of poverty by teaching and coaching best practices around: water, health/wellness, education, agriculture, income.

Act Local – support local organizations that make a difference in your back yard; some we love – Share Our Strength – No Kid Hungry - Great American Dine Out and Great American Bake Sale events happening in cities all over the US to end childhood hunger in the US.

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  1. June Perrot says:

    Long Beach HOPE Center Joins Habitat for Humanity for First Time …

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