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Why we’re investing in these Ethiopian Villages

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Help us raise $10,000 for these villages today.

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As many of you may know earlier this summer a group of us from Changers of Commerce took a powerful trip to Ethiopia, while we were there we blogged about our experience.

The host of our trip was our dear friend Jeff Power who works with Global Hope Network International, an organization that does Transformational Community Development in some of the poorest villages in the world, helping them to become sustainable on their own. The community development work GHNI does is highly aligned with the principles we demonstrate, advocate and teach as Changers of Commerce.

We spent time with the leaders, people, and children of the villages of Magaladhi and Garmaam and the leaders from GHNI’s in-country staff Alemayehu, Zerihun and Lemi who work daily in the villages teaching and leading this transformational development.

The people of the villages and these humble leaders left imprints on our hearts. They became our heroes, our inspirations, our friends, and our brothers.

In these villages there are days where a child may not get water or food because there is not adequate supply. Or, as we experienced, a father like Ibraham from the village of Garmaam, overcome with severe illness, no money or access to healthcare, whose family and friends lose hope and begin to say their goodbyes… as is routine in these poor villages. In Ibraham’s case we were there and able to support with the funds for the treatment he needed. And our heroes, our brothers from GHNI gave blood for his transfusion.

Our group has adopted these villages; we’re investing in them and our GHNI brothers Alemayehu, Zerihun and Lemi.

We’re asking for you to join with us and invest in these villages and leaders with us.

Our first goal is to raise $10,000. We’re going to be doing that all day today in an ONLINE DONATION DRIVE.

Here are the details of what’s going on in each of the villages right now and how our funds may help:


The village of Garmann is full of people who are hardworking, serious about making better lives for themselves, and most of all for their children. Their unwavering number one priority: clean water.

In Garmaam there is not enough water for all of the people in the village. The solution/ task is daunting: to lift the main source of water over 100 vertical feet, over a length of 600 feet.

If GHNI and the villages can do this, the water will dump into the main irrigation ditch for the entire village. This would drastically improve the lives of more than 200 families and irrigate 500 acres of farmland.

GHNI has talked with Garmaam about a true partnership.  The village leaders are asking GHNI to provide the pump and the 600 feet of pipe, and they are willing to do the backbreaking digging of the riverbed to get a year-round water source.  They are also committed to collecting fees from each family through the Transformational Community Development water committee for the operating costs and a maintenance/repair fund.

In addition to this, with the irrigation and year round water source, the people of the village would be able to grow a second and possibly third crop each year, effectively doubling or tripling the annual income of each family in Garmaam. Could you imagine how it would help you & your family if you could double or triple your annual salary? This would be true TRANSFORMATION.

The GHNI in-country staff has done an outstanding job securing a market for the additional produce.  They have made an agreement (in principle) with the local military bases to buy the entire crop, if they can become a reliable supplier.  I guess this is Ethiopian version of “Buy Locally.”

Magaladhi -

When you walk into the village of Magaladhi you’re sure to be greeted with a hug, and can’t help but love the dozens of laughing and playing children.  The potential for their women’s group is great, as they are intent on creating safe and healthy lives for their families.

GHNI is planning on helping with some back to school supplies and they desperately need help purifying their saline water. The GHNI team is working to come up with some viable desalinization solutions.  One way they are working to help them (immediately) is working together to bring a medical short-term team to the villages next year and looking for few doctors who are willing to come. They’re also hoping to hire another TCD worker – someone with a medical background in this area, once funds become available.

As a Thank you for participating in our Donation Drive we have Give Aways and  wild and crazy acts of awesomeness’ we’ll be doing at certain milestones along the way. CHECK THEM OUT HERE!

Track where we are with our goal and contribute HERE!

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