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Be The Change Ethiopia

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A growing group of people from a cross-section of service industries have connected to form a group called Changers of Commerce, who demonstrate, advocate and educate how businesses can connect to society – - not just giving to those in need, but meaningfully connecting businesses to the communities they serve.

Amanda Hite is one of these changers, and when she met with Jeff Power of Pangeo Coffee and Global Hope Network International, they instantly made a connection. As a world changer herself, Amanda was moved by what Jeff, Pangeo Coffee, and GHNI accomplish to help some of the world’s poorest villages elevate themselves out of abject poverty.

Amanda reached out to fellow founding members of Changers of Commerce, Joni and Wally Doolin, Brandon Hill, Jim Knight and Kat Cole, to propose going on one of the GHNI trips. The group quickly jumped on board and agreed on Ethiopia as the location where village development programs had already begun. Our goals were simple: further model behaviors in the Changers of Commerce movement, help lift those in need out of poverty, travel to a special location with great friends, and learn how to use our collective influence to support this powerful organization. And, on July 28th, we headed out crossing the globe from various location to meet Jeff, Zerihun Kassa and the Pangeo Coffee and GHNI crew in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

We would end up getting even more than we bargained for – as it goes when you choose to give of your time and heart.

We agreed to post on this blog as much as possible, because if it were possible we’d have you all on this journey with us… this is the closest we can come to making that a reality.

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  1. Im really excited to have the opportunity to follow along on your journey! I am really excited abiout the Changers of Commerce concept and can’t wait to learn more. Thanks for writing and please give Kat a big hug for me.

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