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Changers of Commerce is a movement of leaders who believe there is a better way of practicing Capitalism that results in a higher likelihood that the benefits of capitalism can continue.

It’s about changing the way we plan and run our businesses, being more connected to our community and value chain, and enjoying the personal and economic benefits that come from doing so. The concept of practicing a connected, conscious and creative form of Capitalism perfectly fits all industries’ roots and business of living and dying by the success of and connection to the local community.  When working together, civil groups, NGOs, private enterprise, and the public can benefit by considering and responding to the evolving needs and beliefs of society today.

A Changer of Commerce may be a restaurant owner who connects with the local city council, local school and local vendors to build relationships, be a partner in their success, and create new fans and customers, or the local beverage supplier who drives friends and family to support their local restaurant or client’s promotional event or supports their employee’s education and personal goals.

Those committed to “changing commerce” are leaders committed to taking that small business, “it takes a village”, mentality and incorporating into every aspect of their business strategy as a key driver of sustainable business success.  It’s old school-meets new-school, small town-meets-big business. It means understanding that in our ever-more-connected world, that which affects our stakeholders affects us now more than ever before.

We have a vested interest in ensuring the health and success of our communities, employee base, consumer base, suppliers and more.  It is not someone else’s job, it’s all of our job to support the vitality of those who can help our business grow.  It’s a partnership and investment mentality that pays back in spades  - in not just feel good, warm and fuzzy ways, in lean-mean-green-dollar ways.

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